A Trello user.


Get all boards and cards on Trello for a given user.


Get profile information on a Trello user.

actions (TrelloActionsConnection)

List of Trello actions, with metadata field for pagination

avatarHash (String)

Member profile images are hosted at:{avatarHash}/{size}.png

size can be 30, 50, or 170

avatarSource (String)

The source of the user's avatar - either via "upload" or "gravatar".

avatarUrl (String)

The URL of the current avatar being used, regardless of whether it is a gravatar or uploaded avatar.

bio (String)

Optional bio for the member

bioData (JSON)

If the bio includes custom emoji, this object will contain the information necessary to display them.

boards (TrelloBoardsConnection)

List of Trello boards, with metadata field for pagination

cards (TrelloCardsConnection)

List of Trello cards, with metadata field for pagination

confirmed (Boolean)

Whether the member has confirmed their email address after signing up

email (String)

The primary email address for the member. You can only read your own.

enterpriseMemberships (TrelloEnterpriseMembershipsConnection)

List of Trello enterpriseMemberships, with metadata field for pagination

fullName (String)

The full display name for the member

gravatarHash (String)

Same as avatarHash above; member profile images are hosted at:{gravatarHash}/{size}.png

size can be 30, 50, or 170 string.

id (String)

The id of the member

idBoards ([String!])

An array of board ids this member is on

idEnterprisesAdmin ([String!])

An array of enterprise ids this member is an admin of

idOrganizations ([String!])

An array of organization ids this member is in

idPremOrgsAdmin ([String!])

No description

initials (String)

The member's initials, used for display when there isn't an avatar set

loginTypes ([String!])

The types of logins a user One of: "password", "saml"

memberType (String)

One of: "normal", "ghost"

A ghost is an individual who has been invited to join but has not yet created a Trello account.

notifications (TrelloNotificationsConnection)

List of Trello notifications, with metadata field for pagination

oneTimeMessagesDismissed ([String!])

No description

organizations (TrelloOrganizationsConnection)

List of Trello organizations, with metadata field for pagination

premiumFeatures ([String!])

No description

products ([Int!])

10 - member has Trello Gold as a result of being in a Business Class team 37 - member has monthly Trello Gold 38 - member has annual Trello Gold

uploadedAvatarHash (String)

Same as avatarHash - member profile images are hosted at:{uploadedAvatarHash}/{size}.png

size can be 30, 50, or 170

uploadedAvatarUrl (String)

The URL of the uploaded avatar if one has been uploaded.

url (String)

The URL to the member's profile page

username (String)

The username for the member. What is shown in @mentions for example


Actions are generated whenever an action occurs in Trello. For instance, when a user deletes a card, a deleteCard action is generated and includes information about the deleted card, the list the card was in, the board the card was on, the user that deleted the card, and the idObject of the action.


A Trello board.


Lists in Trello contain cards. A card belongs to exactly one list.


No description


List of Trello members, with metadata field for pagination


Membership for a board.


No description


No description


No description


The root for Trello.


No description


Currently authed user