Lists in Trello contain cards. A card belongs to exactly one list.


Get all boards and cards on Trello for a given user.


Add a new card to a Trello list.

actions (TrelloActionsConnection)

List of Trello actions, with metadata field for pagination

attachments ([TrelloCardAttachment!])

Attachments on a card

badges (TrelloCardBadges)

Pieces of information about the card that are displayed on the front of the card.

"badges": { "votes": 0, "viewingMemberVoted": false, "subscribed": true, "fogbugz": "", "checkItems": 0, "checkItemsChecked": 0, "comments": 1, "attachments": 2, "description": true, "due": null, "dueComplete": false }

board (TrelloBoard)

Board the card is on.

checkItemStates ([TrelloCheckItemState!])

No description

checklists ([TrelloChecklist!])

Cards can have zero or more checklists on them.

closed (Boolean)

Whether the card is closed (archived). Note: Archived lists and boards do not cascade archives to cards. A card can have closed: false but be on an archived board.

dateLastActivity (String)

The datetime of the last activity on the card.

Note: There are activities that update dateLastActivity that do not create a corresponding action. For instance, updating the name field of a checklist item on a card does not create an action but does update the card and board's dateLastActivity value.

desc (String)

The description for the card. Up to 16384 chars.

descData (JSON)

If the description has custom emoji, this field will provide the data necessary to display them.

"descData": { "emoji": { "morty": "" } }

due (String)

The due date on the card, if one exists

dueComplete (Boolean)

Whether the due date has been marked complete

id (String)

The id of the card

idAttachmentCover (String)

The id of the attachment selected as the cover image, if one exists

idBoard (String)

The id of the board the card is on

idChecklists ([String!])

An array of checklist ids that are on this card

idLabels ([String!])

An array of label ids that are on this card

idList (String)

The id of the list the card is in

idMembers ([String!])

An array of member ids that are on this card

idMembersVoted ([String!])

An array of member ids who have voted on this card

idShort (Int)

Numeric id for the card on this board. Only unique to the board, and subject to change as the card moves

labels ([String!])

Array of label objects on this card

list (TrelloList)

List the card is on.

manualCoverAttachment (Boolean)

Whether the card cover image was selected automatically by Trello, or manually by the user

members ([TrelloMember!])

A Trello user.

membersVoted (TrelloMembersConnection)

Members that voted on the card

name (String)

Name of the card

pos (Float)

Position of the card in the list

shortLink (String)

The 8 character shortened id for the card

shortUrl (String)

URL to the card without the name slug

stickers (TrelloStickersConnection)

Stickers on the card

subscribed (Boolean)

Whether this member is subscribed to the card

url (String)

Full URL to the card, with the name slug


Actions are generated whenever an action occurs in Trello. For instance, when a user deletes a card, a deleteCard action is generated and includes information about the deleted card, the list the card was in, the board the card was on, the user that deleted the card, and the idObject of the action.


Relevant information regarding the action


List of Trello cards, with metadata field for pagination


Cards can have zero or more checklists on them.


No description


No description


The root for Trello.