Actions are generated whenever an action occurs in Trello. For instance, when a user deletes a card, a deleteCard action is generated and includes information about the deleted card, the list the card was in, the board the card was on, the user that deleted the card, and the idObject of the action.

board (TrelloBoard)

The board this action affected.

card (TrelloCard)

The card this action affected.

data (TrelloActionData)

Relevant information regarding the action

date (String)

When the action occured

id (String)

The id of the action

idMemberCreator (String)

The id of the member who caused the action

list (TrelloList)

The list this action affected.

member (TrelloMember)

The member this action affected.

memberCreator (TrelloMember)

The member who caused the action

organization (TrelloOrganization)

The organization this action affected.

reactions (TrelloReactionsConnection)

List of Trello reactions, with metadata field for pagination

type (String)

The type of the action.


List of Trello actions, with metadata field for pagination


The root for Trello.