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Tell if a user is logged in (either via an $apiKey or the OAuth flow).

Note: We'll deprecate this field in favor of id as with our other integrations if/when DEV adds an endpoint to retrieve information about the currently logged in user. However, this field can be safely relied on to work even after that happens.

You can find or create your DEV.to API keys in the settings menu on dev.to


Fetch the first ten open pull requests for a GitHub repository, sorted by when they were opened.


Get the details of a pull request by its number.

Also see:


Get the downloads for a package on npm given the package name

adroll (AdrollQuery)

Root element for a Reporting API GraphQL's query.

airtable (AirtableQuery!)

The root for Airtable queries

apollo (ApolloQuery!)

The root for Apollo queries

asana (AsanaQuery!)

The root for Asana queries

box (BoxQuery!)

The root for Box queries

brex (BrexRootQueryType)

No description

bundlephobia (BundlephobiaQuery!)

The root for Bundlephobia queries

clearbit (Clearbit!)

The root for Clearbit queries

cloudflare (CloudflareQuery!)

The root for Cloudflare queries

contentful (ContentfulQuery!)

The root for Contentful queries

crunchbase (CrunchbaseQuery)

The root query type which gives access points into the data universe.

descuri (Descuri)

The result of a Descuri call

devTo (DevToQuery!)

The root for Dev.to queries

dribbble (DribbbleQuery!)

The root for Dribbble queries

dropbox (DropboxQuery!)

The root for Dropbox queries

eggheadio (EggheadioQuery!)

The root for Egghead.io queries

emailNode (OneGraphEmailNode!)

Look up users across multiple services by their email address.

eventil (EventilQuery)

No description

facebookBusiness (FacebookBusinessQuery!)

The root for Facebook queries

fedex (FedexQuery!)

The root for Fedex queries

firebase (FirebaseQuery!)

The root for Firebase queries

gitHub (GitHubQuery)

The query root of GitHub's GraphQL interface.

google (GoogleServices!)

The root for Google queries

googleAds (GoogleAdsQuery)

No description

hubspot (HubspotQuery!)

The root for Hubspot queries

immigrationGraph (ImmigrationGraphQuery)

The root query type which gives access points into the data universe.

intercom (IntercomQuery!)

The root for Intercom queries

logdna (LogdnaQuery!)

The root for LogDNA queries

mailchimp (MailchimpQuery!)

The root for Mailchimp queries

me (Viewer!)

Currently authed user

meetup (MeetupQuery!)

The root for Meetup queries

mixpanel (MixpanelQuery!)

The root for Mixpanel queries

mux (MuxQuery!)

The root for Mux queries

netlify (NetlifyQuery!)

The root for Netlify queries

npm (NpmQuery!)

The root for Npm queries

oneGraph (OneGraphServiceQuery!)

Root fields for the OneGraph service. Used by OneGraph to build OneGraph.

oneGraphNode (OneGraphNode)

Fetches an object given its globally unique oneGraphId.

openCollective (OpenCollectiveQuery)

This is the root query

orbit (OrbitQuery!)

The root for Orbit queries

productHunt (ProductHuntQuery)

The query root for Product Hunt API V2 schema

quickbooks (QuickbooksQuery)

The root query type which gives access points into the data universe.

rss (RssQuery!)

The root for Rss

salesforce (SalesforceQuery!)

The root for Salesforce queries

slack (Slack!)

The root for Slack queries

spotify (SpotifyQuery!)

The root for Spotify queries

stripe (StripeQuery!)

The root for Stripe queries

trello (TrelloQuery!)

The root for Trello queries

twilio (TwilioQuery!)

The root for Twilio queries

twitchTv (TwitchTvQuery!)

The root for Twitch queries

twitter (Twitter!)

The root for Twitter queries

ups (UpsQuery!)

The root for UPS queries

usps (USPSQuery!)

The root for USPS queries

ynab (YnabQuery!)

The root for You Need a Budget queries

youTube (YouTubeQuery!)

The root for YouTube queries

youTubeSearch (YoutubeVideoSearchResult)

No description

youTubeVideo (YoutubeVideo)

A video resource represents a Youtube video, read more at https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/docs/videos

zeit (ZeitQuery!)

The root for Vercel queries

zendesk (ZendeskQuery!)

The root for Zendesk queries


No description