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Merge a GitHub pull request by its number with $title as the commit message.

Note as a precaution against merging a PR into the wrong target, you'll need to provide the current sha of the target branch head. You can find the sha under the headRef.oid field of the Pull Request, as per the GitHubGetPullRequest example

To merge the first PR on the OneGraph GraphQL Docs Repository, we could pass in the following variables:

  "repoName": "graphql-docs",
  "repoOwner": "OneGraph",
  "number": 1,
  "title": "Merge the GitHub examples, thank you @dwwoelfel!",
  "sha": "44d4e20fd739f486411049b7e94849d7b3332770"

Destroys a webhook on by its id.

See the counter example on Creating a Webhook on

You can find or create your API keys in the settings menu on


Add a comment to a pull request given its id - see the GitHubGetPullRequest example for how to find a PR's id given its repository and number.


Creates a webhook that will be notified whenever an article is created or published on

See the counter example on Destroying a Webhook on

You can find or create your API keys in the settings menu on

airtable (AirtableMutation!)

The root for Airtable mutations

apollo (ApolloMutation!)

The root for Apollo mutations

asana (AsanaMutation!)

The root for Asana mutations

brex (BrexRootMutationType)

No description

cloudflare (CloudflareMutationNamespace!)

The root for Cloudflare mutations

devTo (DevToMutation!)

The root for mutations

eventil (EventilMutation)

No description

firebase (FirebaseMutation!)

The root for Firebase mutations

gitHub (GitHubMutation)

The root query for implementing GraphQL mutations.

google (GoogleMutations!)

The root for Google mutations

hubspot (HubspotMutation!)

The root for Hubspot mutations

intercom (IntercomMutation!)

The root for Intercom mutations

mailchimp (MailchimpMutation!)

The root for Mailchimp mutations

meetup (MeetupMutation!)

The root for Meetup mutations

mixpanel (MixpanelMutation!)

The root for Mixpanel mutations

mux (MuxMutation!)

The root for Mux mutations

netlify (NetlifyMutation!)

The root for Netlify mutations

npm (NpmMutation!)

The root for Npm mutations

oneGraph (OneGraphMutation!)

Mutations for the currently authed user

orbit (OrbitMutation!)

The root for Orbit mutations

productHunt (ProductHuntMutation)

No description

salesforce (SalesforceMutation!)

The root for Salesforce mutations

signoutServices (SignoutServicesResponsePayload!)

No description

signoutServiceUser (SignoutServicesResponsePayload!)

No description

slack (SlackMutationNamespace!)

The root for Slack mutations

spotify (SpotifyMutationNamespace!)

The root for Spotify mutations

stripe (StripeMutationNamespace!)

The root for Stripe mutations

testMutate (Boolean!)

No description

trello (TrelloMutation!)

The root for Trello mutations

twilio (TwilioMutationNamespace!)

The root for Twilio mutations

twitchTv (TwitchTvMutation!)

The root for Twitch mutations

twitter (TwitterMutationNamespace!)

The root for Twitter mutations

youTube (YouTubeMutationNamespace!)

The root for YouTube mutations

zeit (ZeitMutationNamespace!)

The root for Vercel mutations