The query root of GitHub's GraphQL interface.


Fetch the first ten open pull requests for a GitHub repository, sorted by when they were opened.


Get the details of a pull request by its number.

Also see:


Get the (textual) value of a file in a GitHub repo via GraphQL

  • $branchAndFilePath should be formatted as ${branchName}:${filePath without the leading '/'}

Note that the text field will be null if the file is a binary blog (such as an image).

If you need to read the binary content, email []( you add a base64-encoded binary content field to the GitHubBlob type on OneGraph?) and we can stitch in the corresponding REST endpoint


Finds out how many PRs have been merged across an org for a given user - use this to reward your community members, like Gatsby!

codeOfConduct (GitHubCodeOfConduct)

Look up a code of conduct by its key

codesOfConduct ([GitHubCodeOfConduct])

Look up a code of conduct by its key

enterprise (GitHubEnterprise)

Look up an enterprise by URL slug.

enterpriseAdministratorInvitation (GitHubEnterpriseAdministratorInvitation)

Look up a pending enterprise administrator invitation by invitee, enterprise and role.

enterpriseAdministratorInvitationByToken (GitHubEnterpriseAdministratorInvitation)

Look up a pending enterprise administrator invitation by invitation token.

license (GitHubLicense)

Look up an open source license by its key

licenses ([GitHubLicense]!)

Return a list of known open source licenses

makeRestCall (GithubPassthroughQuery!)

Make a REST API call to the GitHub API.

OneGraph will inject the auth params for the API call.

Use this as an escape hatch if OneGraph does not yet support functionality of the underlying API.

marketplaceCategories ([GitHubMarketplaceCategory!]!)

Get alphabetically sorted list of Marketplace categories

marketplaceCategory (GitHubMarketplaceCategory)

Look up a Marketplace category by its slug.

marketplaceListing (GitHubMarketplaceListing)

Look up a single Marketplace listing

marketplaceListings (GitHubMarketplaceListingConnection!)

Look up Marketplace listings

meta (GitHubGitHubMetadata!)

Return information about the GitHub instance

node (GitHubNode)

Fetches an object given its ID.

nodes ([GitHubNode]!)

Lookup nodes by a list of IDs.

organization (GitHubOrganization)

Lookup a organization by login.

rateLimit (GitHubRateLimit)

The client's rate limit information.

relay (GitHubQuery!)

Hack to workaround re-exposing the root query object

repository (GitHubRepository)

Lookup a given repository by the owner and repository name.

repositoryOwner (GitHubRepositoryOwner)

Lookup a repository owner (ie. either a User or an Organization) by login.

resource (GitHubUniformResourceLocatable)

Lookup resource by a URL.

search (GitHubSearchResultItemConnection!)

Perform a search across resources.

securityAdvisories (GitHubSecurityAdvisoryConnection!)

GitHub Security Advisories

securityAdvisory (GitHubSecurityAdvisory)

Fetch a Security Advisory by its GHSA ID

securityVulnerabilities (GitHubSecurityVulnerabilityConnection!)

Software Vulnerabilities documented by GitHub Security Advisories

sponsorables (GitHubSponsorableItemConnection!)

Users and organizations who can be sponsored via GitHub Sponsors.

topic (GitHubTopic)

Look up a topic by name.

user (GitHubUser)

Lookup a user by login.

viewer (GitHubUser!)

The currently authenticated user.


The query root of GitHub's GraphQL interface.


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