A discussion in a repository.

activeLockReason (GitHubLockReason)

Reason that the conversation was locked.

answer (GitHubDiscussionComment)

The comment chosen as this discussion's answer, if any.

answerChosenAt (GitHubDateTime)

The time when a user chose this discussion's answer, if answered.

answerChosenBy (GitHubActor)

The user who chose this discussion's answer, if answered.

author (GitHubActor)

The actor who authored the comment.

authorAssociation (GitHubCommentAuthorAssociation!)

Author's association with the subject of the comment.

body (String!)

The main text of the discussion post.

bodyHTML (GitHubHTML!)

The body rendered to HTML.

bodyText (String!)

The body rendered to text.

category (GitHubDiscussionCategory!)

The category for this discussion.

comments (GitHubDiscussionCommentConnection!)

The replies to the discussion.

createdAt (GitHubDateTime!)

Identifies the date and time when the object was created.

createdViaEmail (Boolean!)

Check if this comment was created via an email reply.

databaseId (Int)

Identifies the primary key from the database.

editor (GitHubActor)

The actor who edited the comment.

id (ID!)

No description

includesCreatedEdit (Boolean!)

Check if this comment was edited and includes an edit with the creation data

lastEditedAt (GitHubDateTime)

The moment the editor made the last edit

locked (Boolean!)

true if the object is locked

number (Int!)

The number identifying this discussion within the repository.

oneGraphId (ID!)

Unique id across all of OneGraph

oneGraphLinkedNodes (OneGraphLinkedNodesConnection!)

List of OneGraphNodes that are linked from this node.

publishedAt (GitHubDateTime)

Identifies when the comment was published at.

reactionGroups ([GitHubReactionGroup!])

A list of reactions grouped by content left on the subject.

reactions (GitHubReactionConnection!)

A list of Reactions left on the Issue.

repository (GitHubRepository!)

The repository associated with this node.

resourcePath (GitHubURI!)

The path for this discussion.

title (String!)

The title of this discussion.

updatedAt (GitHubDateTime!)

Identifies the date and time when the object was last updated.

upvoteCount (Int!)

Number of upvotes that this subject has received.

url (GitHubURI!)

The URL for this discussion.

userContentEdits (GitHubUserContentEditConnection)

A list of edits to this content.

viewerCanDelete (Boolean!)

Check if the current viewer can delete this object.

viewerCanReact (Boolean!)

Can user react to this subject

viewerCanSubscribe (Boolean!)

Check if the viewer is able to change their subscription status for the repository.

viewerCanUpdate (Boolean!)

Check if the current viewer can update this object.

viewerCanUpvote (Boolean!)

Whether or not the current user can add or remove an upvote on this subject.

viewerDidAuthor (Boolean!)

Did the viewer author this comment.

viewerHasUpvoted (Boolean!)

Whether or not the current user has already upvoted this subject.

viewerSubscription (GitHubSubscriptionState)

Identifies if the viewer is watching, not watching, or ignoring the subscribable entity.


An object with a globally unique id across all of OneGraph


Represents a comment.


Entities that can be deleted.


An object that can be locked.


An object with an ID.


Represents a subject that can be reacted on.


Represents a object that belongs to a repository.


Entities that can be subscribed to for web and email notifications.


Entities that can be updated.


A subject that may be upvoted.


Autogenerated return type of CreateDiscussion


Autogenerated return type of DeleteDiscussion


A comment on a discussion.


The connection type for Discussion.


An edge in a connection.


Autogenerated return type of MarkDiscussionCommentAsAnswer


A Pinned Discussion is a discussion pinned to a repository's index page.


A repository contains the content for a project.


Autogenerated return type of UnmarkDiscussionCommentAsAnswer


Autogenerated return type of UpdateDiscussion