Represents a Git blob.


Get the (textual) value of a file in a GitHub repo via GraphQL

  • $branchAndFilePath should be formatted as ${branchName}:${filePath without the leading '/'}

Note that the text field will be null if the file is a binary blog (such as an image).

If you need to read the binary content, email []( you add a base64-encoded binary content field to the GitHubBlob type on OneGraph?) and we can stitch in the corresponding REST endpoint

abbreviatedOid (String!)

An abbreviated version of the Git object ID

byteSize (Int!)

Byte size of Blob object

commitResourcePath (GitHubURI!)

The HTTP path for this Git object

commitUrl (GitHubURI!)

The HTTP URL for this Git object

id (ID!)

No description

isBinary (Boolean)

Indicates whether the Blob is binary or text. Returns null if unable to determine the encoding.

isTruncated (Boolean!)

Indicates whether the contents is truncated

oid (GitHubGitObjectID!)

The Git object ID

oneGraphId (ID!)

Unique id across all of OneGraph

oneGraphLinkedNodes (OneGraphLinkedNodesConnection!)

List of OneGraphNodes that are linked from this node.

repository (GitHubRepository!)

The Repository the Git object belongs to

text (String)

UTF8 text data or null if the Blob is binary


An object with a globally unique id across all of OneGraph


Represents a Git object.


An object with an ID.