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advertisable (String!)

The Advertisable for the segment.

campaign (String!)

The Campaign for the segment.

conversionValue (AdrollDecimal!)

The value of a conversion from this segment.

createdDate (AdrollDateTime)

Date of creation.

currency (String!)

The value of a conversion from this segment. Default to the Advertisable's currency.

description (JSON!)

Pieces to build the Audience's description formatted following the type.

duration (Int!)

The duration of the Audience, in days.

eid (String!)

The EID of the audience in use.

inclusion (Boolean!)

Is the segment an inclusion segment.

isActive (Boolean!)

False if this is segment has been deleted.

isConversion (Boolean!)

True if this is a conversion audience.

metrics (AdrollAudienceMetricResult!)

[ALPHA] This GraphQL node is currently under development and QA, please hold off from using it. It might change or be removed in the future, within this API's version.

Metrics for the audience visitors.

name (String!)

The Audience Name.

product (String)

Product the segment belongs to.

segmentEID (String!)

The EID of the segment describing this audience.

tags (String!)

Tags explicitly assigned to the segment.

type (String!)

The type of the segment. One of:

  • "url": URL
  • "crm": crm
  • "pages_viewed": Pages Viewed
  • "products_viewed": Products Viewed
  • "arbitrary_data": External Data
  • "app_install": App Install
  • "facebook_prospecting": Facebook Prospecting
  • "custom": Partner
  • "intent": Intent
  • "impression": Impression
  • "user_attributes": Attributes
  • "user_events": Events
  • "lead_generation": Lead Generation
  • "composite": Composite
  • "event_match": Event JS Match
  • "js_match": Explicit JS Match
  • "ipixel_match": IPixel Match
  • "css_selector": CSS Selector
  • "email_list": Email List in AdRoll Email.
  • "email_domain": Email Address Domain Match.

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