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byEID (AdrollAdvertisable)

Obtain an Advertisable by its unique identifier (EID).

byEIDs ([AdrollAdvertisable]!)

Obtain a list of Advertisables by their unique identifiers (EID).

byOrganization ([AdrollAdvertisable]!)

Obtain a list Advertisables owned by an Organization.

forUser ([AdrollAdvertisable]!)

All the advertisables for the current user.

metricsTotal (AdrollMetricAggregateResult)

Provides aggregation for any metrics in the current and child nodes.

Note that this will not load the metrics by itself, instead it aggregates loaded metrics fields in its scope.

For details see the documentation of MetricAggregateResult.

[ALPHA] This GraphQL node is currently under development and QA, please hold off from using it. It might change or be removed in the future, within this API's version.


Root element for a Reporting API GraphQL's query.