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actualStatus (JSON)

The effective status of the campaign. Details the reasons why it is not running, if applicable.

actualStatusString (String!)

Minimal string representation of the actual status. One of 'running', 'notRunning' ,'ended', 'paused', 'review', 'draft', 'rejected' or 'deleted'.

adOptimization (String!)

The strategy used to optimize ads when multiple ads fit a single ad space.

ads ([AdrollAd]!)

Ads for this Adgroup.

adType (String!)

Ad type restriction for this ad group. Empty if there is no explicit restriction. Currently one of "static"or "dynamic.

advertisable (String!)

Advertisable for this Adgroup. NOTE/FIXME: the advertisable information is not usually available, so querying this will cause an additional request to be made.

audiences ([AdrollAudience]!)

Audiences for this Adgroup

campaign (String!)

The EID of the campaign that this adgroup is associated with.

conversions (AdrollConversionResult!)

Metrics for the entity broken down by conversion audiences.

createdDate (AdrollDateTime)

The date this adgroup was created.

eid (String!)

The EID of the adgroup.

flights (JSON)

Scheduled flight periods when ads will be served. Null if there is no limitation.

flightTimezone (String!)

The timezone preference of all flights of this adgroup.

isActive (Boolean!)

Whether or not this adgroup is currently active.

kpiCurrency (String!)

ISO 4217 currency code for kpiGoal. If not provided assume the currency provided at the Advertisable level.

kpiGoal (AdrollDecimal)

Goal -for the kpiMetric- that drives the campaign's bid strategy. Null for automatic.

kpiMetric (String!)

Metric being targeted by the campaign's bid strategy.

metrics (AdrollMetricResult!)

Metrics for the entity.

metricsTotal (AdrollMetricAggregateResult)

Provides aggregation for any metrics in the current and child nodes.

Note that this will not load the metrics by itself, instead it aggregates loaded metrics fields in its scope.

For details see the documentation of MetricAggregateResult.

[ALPHA] This GraphQL node is currently under development and QA, please hold off from using it. It might change or be removed in the future, within this API's version.

name (String!)

The name of this adgroup.

placements (AdrollPlacementResult!)

Metrics for the AdGroup broken down by conversion audiences. This breakdown will only be provided for Facebook campaigns.

processingStatus (String!)

The processing status of the campaign inside the AdRoll. It may have a transient value other than "created" while the AdGroup is being processed by an internal job.

significantFlightEndDate (AdrollDateTime)

End date for the active or most recent flight period in the adgroup.

significantFlightStartDate (AdrollDateTime)

Start date for the active or most recent flight period in the adgroup.

status (String!)

One of 'approved', 'paused', 'draft', 'rejected' or 'deleted'.

updatedDate (AdrollDateTime)

The date this adgroup was last updated.


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