No description

accountId (String)

ID of the Account (Optional), e.g. "583f2f7ed9ced98ab5bfXXXX"

contactStageId (String)

Assign contact to this stage, if the contact does not yet exist. Get a list of possible stage ids with GET /contact_stages, e.g. "583f2f7ed9ced98ab5bfXXXX"

email (String)

Email. Invalid emails will be ignored., e.g. "jon.snow@westeros.com"

firstName (String)

First name, e.g. "Jon"

labelNames ([String])

A list of names to tag this newly created contact. If the name does not exist, Apollo will automatically create it, e.g. ["inbound contact", "smb clients"]

lastName (String)

Last Name, e.g. "Snow"

organizationName (String)

Company Name, e.g. "Westeros Inc."

presentRawAddress (String)

The address string for this contact, Apollo will intelligently infer the city, state, country, and time zone from your address, e.g. "San Francisco"

title (String)

Title, e.g. "Lord Commander"

typedCustomFields ([ApolloContactCustomFieldInput!])

Custom fields to set for this user. The custom fields must be pre-defined in Apollo.

websiteUrl (String)

The organization website Apollo can use to enrich data for you. DO NOT pass in personal social media urls such as "http://www.linkedin.com/profile_url", or your data will be incorrectly enriched. This argument will be ignored if you pass in a valid email., e.g. "http://www.westeros.com"