[BETA] This GraphQL node is currently under development. Avoid its use in production until it has passed some thorough QA.

This is the type for the 'groups' argument in the group queries.

columns ([String!])

Optional list of columns to group by. Columns have a format of 'entity:column' (e.g. 'campaign:name').

date (String)

Optional group by date mode. One of 'day', 'week', 'month', 'year', or 'dayofweek'.

domain (Boolean)

If true, will group by metrics domain. Having a group by domain will change the way metrics supported by domain will be loaded. Only Advertisables can be grouped by domain.

entity (String)

Optional entity to group by in this group. One of: 'organization', 'advertisable', 'campaign', 'adgroup', 'ad', 'segment', 'email', or 'audience'.