OneGraph is Joining Netlify!

Sean Grove
Sean GroveNov 17th, 2021
Daniel Woelfel
Daniel Woelfel

OneGraph is joining Netlify!

Our team and our technology are joining Netlify to make building on APIs in the modern web delightful - You can learn more about Netlify and the vision in this blog by Netlify CEO and co-founder Matt Biilmann!

While there’s much to come, today we take our first step in making multi-app service integrations easier with Netlify and OneGraph, API Authentication.

Quick summary:

  • Existing customers will continue to use OneGraph with no interruption in service
  • New signups outside of existing customer organizations will be disabled while we migrate systems to Netlify
  • We’re launching API Authentication as our first example of what OneGraph can unlock on the Netlify platform

What’s changing?

Starting today, we’ll suspend new signups to OneGraph outside of existing customer organizations.

For existing customers however, nothing will change in the short term. All the same schemas, queries, tooling, and support you’ve come to expect working with us are still right there for you to use. As OneGraph rolls out more and more under the Netlify umbrella, and as necessary, we’ll help migrate our existing users over to the new experience.

Why is OneGraph joining Netlify?

Our goal is to put all of the internet’s API’s under a single GraphQL endpoint, and make the experience of building on top of that absolutely delightful. We’ve released quite a bit of open source tooling used all across the internet to support that goal, given dozens of talks at conferences, and demoed next-gen APIs thousands of times - and now we’re ready to hit the accelerator to not only bring the benefits to millions of developers but to also fill in many of the cracks that have developed for API providers as the ecosystem has expanded at a breakneck pace.

Why is Netlify acquiring OneGraph?

For developers, the growth in both the average number of APIs consumed in modern web development as well as the total number of API providers makes it very clear that we need a coherent strategy for discovery, consumption, securing, and maintaining integrations. On the API provider side of things, tackling the challenges associated with distribution, onboarding, monitoring, and maintenance are solved time and time again by each individual provider, often in an ad-hoc way, with little tooling.

Add to that the distributed-but-linked nature of our data - in Salesforce, Zendesk, Mux, GitHub, 1,000’s of APIs - as this is a problem that sits outside of any one API provider.

OneGraph slides in the middle of both points for apps running on Netlify, providing unified access to developers across APIs and lowering the friction of building amazing applications using the absolute best tools for the job.

What is API Authentication?

It’ll take time for the full roll-out of OneGraph within Netlify, but as a first step in making multi-api service integrations easier we’re launching API Authentication in Beta, through Netlify Labs.

Figuring out auth when accessing an API for the first time has been a constant pain point from developers looking to get things done quickly and securely. API Authentication uses OAuth to make provisioning API access tokens inside of your Netlify functions and site builds a one-click affair! You can visually select the service you want to access, the scopes you need for your app, and then click through the OAuth flow - that’s it, you’re finished! Using the @netlify npm package, you’ll be able to access the authentication tokens in your functions and site builds.

We’re quite excited to join Netlify on the journey to build a better web, and to make it easier to build and manage integrations across services!

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chris commented over 1 year ago

Congrats Sean

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hey Sean! That's so awesome!!! Congratulations from France 🥖💪🍾

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All the same as Didier ! 🎉

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Congrats y'all. Super excited to see what you continue to build!

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jkbaseer commented over 1 year ago

Congrats guys! Can’t imagine what is coming up inside Netlify.

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