Introducing OneGraph's...


Auth & identity is tough.
It doesn't have to be.

Add third-party sign-in to your App or API

Add sign-in with GitHub, Google, Twitter, Twitch, and more in 5 minutes


Visually build your authorization rules

Visually describe your authorization rules in seconds, with rules and data from across dozens of services


Preview the results in real-time

No more guessing what's available to your apps and APIs!
Immediately see what your user's auth tokens will look like, using your real data as an example.


Install inside your app with 10 lines of JavaScript

Installing in a JavaScript, React, ReactNative, or Vue client takes just a few minutes with our onegraph-auth library


Secure your API in minutes

In addition to client-side sign-in, AuthGuardian can secure your API.

Built-in rules and libraries for Express.js, Apollo Server, Next.js on Vercel,Hasura, and Netlify mean you'll go from 0 to secure infrastructure in minutes


Powered by standard JWTs

AuthGuardian translates your rules into industry-standard compact JWT (JSON web tokens) that are usable with hundreds of languages, libraries, tools, and services.


Infinitely exstensible

If you hit the limits of what AuthGuardian can describe for you today, you can export high-quality JavaScript code that will replicate the same JWT results on your own server.

See an example of the output generated by AuthGuardian!


Free to use

AuthGuardian is part of the OneGraph family of products, and is free to use for apps of all size.

For more info, see our launch announcement

Client-side sign in

With AuthGuardian and our JS lib onegraph-auth, you'll have sign-in with any service in under 5 minutes

Server-side authorization

Use AuthGuardian to protect your Apollo, Express.js, Rails, Ring, Hasura, or any other JWT-based auth library

Scale to millions of users

OneGraph handles the infrastructure, data, and reliability!

Guided learning

See it in action

Our five-minute intro video walks you through specifying the rules for AuthGuardian to authorizing your Hasura server

AuthGuardian is Gatsby-for-authorization: combine and automate all the best practices so devs know they’re protected, and let them focus on the joyous parts of building modern web apps.

I can’t wait to see how people combine Gatsby and AuthGuardian!

Kyle Mathews

CEO and Creator of Gatsby

Auth is both critical and challenging, and AuthGuardian's seamless Next.js integration transforms it into a secure, extensible, and auditable package. It's truly mind-blowing.

AuthGuardian with Next.js on Vercel sets a new gold standard in marrying developer experience and secure, performant apps.

Guillermo Rauch

CEO, Vercel

In an hour or so, AuthGuardian let me replace a tangled mess of OAuth code I’d been struggling with for days. It’s so fast and painless that it feels like having the cheat codes for auth.

Jason Lengstorf

Principal Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify

AuthGuardian is the first time we've see an auth solution so powerful, yet so compact and approachable. Add to that its deep integration with Hasura, and you have a category-defining product.

Tanmai Gopal

Founder & CEO, Hasura

Adding full authorization to an Apollo GraphQL server in just minutes is simply magical. I can't wait to see where OneGraph takes AuthGuardian. There are so many possibilities!

Joe Previte

Open Source Developer Advocate, Facebook

GraphQL and Authentication made easy with AuthGuardian: In only minutes with a few lines of code and a few rules in the dashboard, I added GitHub login to my React app!

Brian Douglas

Developer Advocate, GitHub

Auth Guardian makes setting up an entire authentication flow across all your apps and services as easy as a few clicks.

And the best part?

Coming back later to change something and still being able to understand what you did a few days ago!

Khaled Garbaya

Engineering Manager, Contentful

More services and data than you can shake a stick at!